April 3, 2008

Movie Review: Freaky Chicken


Director: Manuel Suave.
Cast: Gabriel Learth, Luiggi, Manu, Heron Ferrari, Andreu, Alex Sander, Lucas Montanni, Antony Caputo, Roger, Caio Barcelos.

The twinks of Freaky Chicken think if they smoke enough cigarettes, they’ll look more seductive and grown-up. That must be the reason why they smoke before, after and during sex! These silly youngsters literally take a drag off a ciggie and then blow it on the hard cock they are sucking. Isn’t that dangerous to the cock—and its owner? In five scenes, the usual French Connection cuties go through their paces. There is sucking, fucking and rimming; smooth bods, pierced tongues and shaved pubes. These models also seem to be really into feet, so we see lots of toe sucking and licking. One couple even does some 69 shrimping. Oh well, at least the newbies are learning! Good picture quality showcases all the talents here, but someone needs to take away their cancer sticks or they’ll never mature into full-grown porn stars. (The French Connection)

Reprinted from GAYVN magazine (2008)


Anonymous said...

lovely angel-like twink in the picture...drool

Anonymous said...

That boy looks so sweet and at the same time as hot and sleazy as a twink can be.

Ass Freak said...

absolutely good looking boy, where can i get him?

Ricci said...

Boy has indeed stunning looks