April 10, 2008

News: Cocky Boys Signs Bobby Clark

Cockyboys.com has announced the signing of model Bobby Clark to the site. “Bobby is the quintessential all-American straight hottie,” says online producer Kyle Majors. “Aside from being cocky, he’s boyish with bright blue eyes. He’s a surfer and it shows. His body is naturally fit and in shape with a golden tan from the all the time he spends at the beach wakeboarding.” And Clark apparently has no problem appearing in gay porn. “A lot of my friends happen to be gay, and I love going out to the local gay bars with them,” says Clark, whose past performances have been solo j/o scenes. But now cockyboys.com says that not only will he be performing exclusively for the site, but he will also be appearing as both a top and a bottom for the first time. “There isn’t another site that I would ever do this for,” Clark says. “I feel really comfortable and ready to experiment with fucking some of these boys and even trying taking one for the team every once in a while. I feel completely honored to be a part of cockyboys…It feels like a big family, as cheesy as it sounds, an incestuous family sure—but a family.” Clark’s scenes will appear on www.cockyboys.com starting next month.

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