August 25, 2008

Short Takes: Zeb Atlas on Top…and More

Porn star Zeb Atlas has finally taken the plunge and fucked another guy for the cameras. The musclebound hunk filmed his topping debut last week for Falcon Studio’s upcoming Best Man, Part 1: The Bachelor Party. Big whoop, right? More interesting was who ended up on the bottom. Fellow bodybuilder Matthew Rush had been scheduled to do the honors, but after his drama-filled oral-only scene with Atlas went awry, Playgirl model Adam Killian got the gig instead…Is Michael Lucas planning a return to the beach? A little birdie (and a seashell we received in the mail) tells us that the New York–based director is resurrecting his popular Fire Island Cruising series, which was discontinued a few years back when local queens were less than supportive of Lucas and his crew filming on the gay island paradise…Funny lady Joan Rivers has been announced as a special guest at the 25th Annual Folsom Street Fair Formal Gala on Saturday, September 20, in San Francisco. The invitation calls for formal dress, dress leather or kink attire. Hmmm, we wonder who Joanie will be wearing…Former porn stars (and current Jet Set directors) Chris Steele and Chad Donovan will be featured on the new season of Webdreams, a Canadian cable TV series that focuses on the world of Internet porn.

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