October 7, 2009

Book Review: Bob’s World

Athletic Model Guild has joined forces with international publisher TASCHEN and book editor Dian Hanson to celebrate Bob Mizer’s late-period color photography in the hardcover book Bob’s World: The Life and Boys of AMG’s Bob Mizer. It consists of 288 pages of Mizer’s color work and an oral history of AMG. This is the first publication to look exclusively at Mizer’s color photos. Mizer’s groundbreaking black-and-white photography was prominently featured in The Big Penis Book (also from TASCHEN and Hanson), and it was in the editing of that book that Bob’s World was born.

“I wanted to do this book as soon as I saw the color photos provided for The Big Penis Book,” Hanson says. “The quirky backdrops, the vibrant gels, the playful attitudes of the models, their straight hoodlum charm, and Bob’s eccentricity shining through all grabbed me immediately.”

There are more than 250 photos in the book, and the accompanying oral history is provided in quotes from David Hockney, Jack Pierson, David Hurles and Hal Roth, among others. The book also includes a one-hour DVD of Mizer films spanning from 1958–1980, specially edited for this edition. “Bob was an extremely reserved person,” says AMG president Dennis Bell. “He hardly ever granted interviews. Bob’s World blows the top off of his closely guarded persona. It’s the most honest, most original book ever published about the reigning king of beefcake.” For more information, visit athleticmodelguild.com.

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