October 16, 2009

Movie Review: Fired on the Set! Auditions 25


Director: Michael Lucas.
Cast: Joe Strong, Ago Viara, Colby Mitchell, Marco Rodriguez, Eddie Diaz, Sean Preston, Mike Adams, Tucker Forrest, Caleb Cole, Jason White, Michael Lucas.

There are six scenes in the 25th edition of Lucas Entertainment’s long-running Auditions series, including cute newbies Sean Preston and Mike Adams swapping blowjobs and handjobs, and director Michael Lucas performing his patented helicopter fuck on muscle queen Colby Mitchell. But let’s face it, the only scene anyone will remember or talk about is the titular tryout in which 18-year-old model Caleb Cole dares to speak out and stand up to the porn mogul and ends up getting sacked mid-scene.

It all starts well enough when Cole is paired with Tucker Forrest, who sucks the teenager’s surprisingly big dick. The oral goes on for a bit when Lucas begins giving direction from the sidelines. Cole seems to have a problem with some of the things he is being asked to do, especially when Lucas directs Forrest to start licking his feet. Cole calls bullshit and says, “I don’t do that!” He also doesn’t do armpit play, although he does agree to bottom! As the youngster makes his boundaries known, Lucas gets madder and madder, telling the model he is “a little difficult” and eventually calling a time-out. The director and crew depart, but a camera is left running (by chance?) on a side table as Cole plays with his cell phone and sits to ponder his future as a porn star. Eventually the scene is called off and the twink gets dressed and leaves the set—and despite the title, it’s unclear whether he quit or got fired. All of this makes for riveting cinema verité but lousy porn. Fortunately, the scenes mentioned above (most include facial cum shots) and the hot pairing of Italian Ago Viara (a former monk!) and Latino Joe Strong make this new entry worth a look, although Lucas’s preinterview with Viara and Strong goes on for an agonizing 20 minutes before any sex happens—which makes for lousy talk and lousy porn.

Reprinted from GAYVN magazine (2009)

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