October 15, 2009

Press: Zeb Atlas Gets Hairy for Bear Magazine

Bear magazine has landed one of porn’s biggest names and gotten him to go natural for its latest issue. Yes, that’s superstar Zeb Atlas in all his manly glory on the cover of the recently revived hair lover’s publication. And to celebrate, Bear Omnimedia has announced that the quarterly magazine will now be available at Borders and Bookworld national chain stores. “Beginning with issue 69, Bear will join the two large chains for increased exposure and to further meet the needs of our bear customers,” a company rep says. Adds editor-in-chief Steven Wolfe, “Despite the economy and various naysayers, Bear’s growth has been unstoppable in an evolving industry. I’m also rather pleased that they’ve put us in the ‘men’s sophisticate’ category, alongside Playboy. It’s a great acknowledgment and entrance into the mainstream.” Bear magazine, which focuses on “the unapologetically hypermasculine gay male,” has been around for 22 years (including a six-year layoff) and was taken over by Bear Omnimedia a year ago. For more information, visit bearomnimedia.com.


x said...

F*ck - they should take his razor away forever.

Dean said...