January 11, 2010

Short Takes: COLT Gets Legendary…and More

COLT Studio Group is back with the second installment of the COLT Legendary Bodies Series. The popular series was developed by iconic photographer Rip Colt back in the day, and it’s still going strong. This time, COLT Men Kent Logan, Adam Champ, Skye Woods and Johnny Cruise do the pose-and-model solo thing. There might not be enough “action” for some fans, but if big, glistening muscles and huge manly men are your deal, this one’s a sure thing. For more information, visit COLTStudioGroup.com.…Ever wonder what it’s like to be Jake Cruise? Us either, but the silver-haired Web site owner is hoping that enough fans are curious and will enter his “Be Jake for a Day!” contest. In fact, Jake says that he wants one lucky winner to “experience how much fun it is to be me!” Cruise, who started his online studio eight years ago, adds that he is living proof that anyone can do porn. (Amen to that, brother!) So he’s offering one lucky guy the chance to appear in a scene (either servicing or having full-on sex with a hot model) for the site. You can read all the rules and regulations at JakeCruise.com. Oh, and amateurs only need apply!…Award-winner Roland Dane (who has worked as both a model and a director for Studio 2000) is going to the mat—for an all-new hard-core wrestling line, that is. Dane’s Wrestlehard.com site offers extreme matches with no limits, no boundaries and no-holds-barred. There are raunchy cock fights, oil worship, discipline domination, humiliation submission bouts and jockstrap wrestling action. And the site’s best matches have just been released on a two-volume DVD, featuring the Mangiatti Twins  vs. Rod Stevens and Julian Vincenzo vs. Renato Belaggio. For more information, visit WrestleHard.com.

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