January 21, 2010

Event: Van Damme and Woods Do Cocktails

Robert Van Damme is back and Micky’s has got him! The Czech superstud will be returning tonight to the popular Cocktails With the Stars event hosted by Scotty B. in West Hollywood, and he’s bringing along his Fire Island Beef co-star Skye Woods. That’s the movie they filmed in 3-D last summer with DominicFord.com. The Private Party star also has the Whorrey Potter spoof (also in 3-D) coming up and Dirty Muscle (featuring Twitter whore Rob Romoni) from his own RVD Films. We also have news about his appearance at Will Clark’s Porno Bingo in NYC next week, so stay tuned, Van Damme fans! For more information on these movies, visit RobertVanDamme.net.

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