February 4, 2010

Event: Brenden Cage to Headline at Adonis Lounge Tonight


It looks like porn star Brenden Cage is ready for the Super Bowl this weekend. Or at the very least, the studly Jake Cruise model is set to kick off the new party tonight at the Adonis Lounge in Greenpoint (for NYC readers, that’s right across the river on the Brooklyn/Queens border). Adonis manager Tim tells us that since the closing of the legendary Gaiety Theatre, he thinks that New Yorkers have been in need of some hot, humpy go-go action, and his bimonthly event will offer just that. “We’ve got 15 dancer/strippers, with porn stars toplining, as the Gaiety did,” he says. “And we also have a lap dance area and champagne rooms—all in a fun, friendly environment.” Sounds like just what is needed to remedy these February doldrums! Adonis Lounge is located at 113 Franklin Street (off Greenpoint Avenue) in Brooklyn, and doors open at 8 pm (show starts at 8:30). For more information, e-mail adonislounge@hushmail.com.

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