February 9, 2010

News: Dirty Boy Starts Antipiracy Campaign

You guys would never steal gay porn online, right? Right!? Pilfered porn is something that costs the adult industry tons of money every year. Now DirtyBoyVideo.com has produced a series of public-service announcements to raise awareness about piracy and the numerous illegal tube sites. “It is time the gay adult entertainment industry made an effort to educate the consumer,” DirtyBoyVideo owner Andy Fair says. “Those who feel the real toll of piracy and free porn aren’t the faceless production companies, but the most vulnerable members of the industry—the models themselves.”

While several studios, including Titan Media, have taken legal action against pirate sites, DirtyBoyVideo has decided to reach out directly to customers, recognizing that it’s the fans of gay porn who choose whether or not to support piracy. And the New York City–based company wants buyers to understand the economic impact that piracy has on the hard-working studs in front of the camera. “These guys are just trying to pay for college,” Fair says, “get their teeth fixed or just buy something nice for their mom’s birthday. It’s not all cock and coke!”

The first video in the series takes a light, tongue-in-cheek approach, claiming, “When you get off for free, a model goes hungry.” It also says, “Pay for your porn. It’s American!” To view the entertaining PSA, click here.


Elizabeth Young, AKA The Gore Hound, or Elspeth Chagall said...

Oh, Vince, that video was indeed genius and as entertaining and funny as that was...it definitely drove the point home. NO! I refuse to post anything on my site that will infinge on copyright and licensing. And yes, there is definitely something people don't realize. Piracy does impact the studios but the performers as well. When I think of what I almost became attributing toward, I cringed. And I owe TD a huge apology. Seeing as I'm a newbie to all this, I want to do things the right way.

Raging Filly

DeWayne In San Diego said...

A smart and edgy video and a noble idea but doomed to failure. Why? Human behavior and with the history of our music company's as example.

A decade ago the Music biz hoped to appeal to fans and put the artists front and center in a campaign to convince music down-loaders you were taking food off their table when you downloaded mp3's!

It didn't work and here is why.

Basic human nature, You walk into Best Buy and you see two sections one where CD's cost 15 and another labeled free.

The signs in the free section suggest by taking the free music you are hurting the artists, and suggest you BUY from the pay section, yet there you are looking at Free MUSIC and the signs say take what you want.

How many "fans" would walk over and BUY?

Porn is no different there is a huge amount of LEGAL FREE Amateur porn on Xtube et al

Then you have all the illegal content posted online.

(Disclaimer I file DMCA notices to file sharing sites about my friends illegally posted content)

So what to do?

I think the best possible campaign is very simple.

Please dont share video on File Sharing sites if you do at some point this company and others that produce porn will go out of buisness.

Not just the models but the very company's (frequently one man operations)will cease to exist!

Amateur Straight Guys is the latest example.

This past fall the Producer of OTB studios explained the challenges of selling DVD's and producing online content in a world where so much porn is free.


No Easy answers here and as a Porn Fan FIRST, now blogger and friend to many struggling to make money in porn I have seen both sides of this argument.

My simple admonition's

Don't Destroy what you love!

If you like it buy it!

Elizabeth Young, AKA The Gore Hound, or Elspeth Chagall said...

@DeWayne, a lot of this is human nature. I've downloaded ebooks off of torrent sites for a while. No where in the back of my mind was I thinking I was doing anything remotely wrong. Until I was given a pause to think about things another way. There's nothing like feeling a dvd in your hand that you bought, legally. It's that feeling of 'ownership' you don't feel so much when you download something. I download music off Amazon for convenience but I'd much rather have the real thing. It sucks but I can only do my small part.

Raging Filly

DeWayne In San Diego said...

I agree Betsy and when you see friends losing money to filesharing then that changes your view. I think we had alack of sympathy for major corporations, and forgot the artists in that rush to stick it the faceless Conglomerate or in this case a Porn Studio.

Elizabeth Young, AKA The Gore Hound, or Elspeth Chagall said...

And I duly hope that with this video, perspectives will be changed. When I think of the potential world of hurt I could have caused a studio whose work I've come to love and admire like no other in existence, I want to cry. These people work so damn hard to bring us great art. And they do it for us! So why hurt them unneedlessly? Why hurt any artist who is a) trying to make a living, and b) entertaining us with their artistry?
All that we can do, is help spread the word and do our part in our own way.