June 17, 2010

News Update: Robert Van Damme Granted Bond

Good news for Robert Van Damme fans! VincentLambert.com has learned exclusively from his legal counsel that at a hearing today in Orange County, California, an immigration judge granted bond to the porn superstar. Although the feds have 30 days to appeal, it’s unlikely they will, which means that Van Damme will be released from jail soon. He has been there since May 20, when he was arrested on domestic abuse charges. RVD has since pleaded guilty to misdemeanor simple assault (three counts of domestic violence were dropped) and had his sentence commuted. It was feared that the Czech Republic native would be deported, but now it appears that once he raises the money needed for bond, he will be free to resume his life and porn career. Whether that includes RVD Films, the company he founded with soon-to-be-ex-wife Mimi Letuska, is unknown. More as this case develops…

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