June 2, 2010

News Exclusive: Robert Van Damme’s Wife Tells Her Side of Story

As we’ve previously reported, Robert Van Damme is in an Orange County, California, jail awaiting his next court appearance on June 7. The scheduled hearing will address the recent charges against him. According to new information from Van Damme’s legal counsel, the porn superstar is adapting well to his current situation. He’s working out daily and “in the best shape of his life.” We were told earlier today that the Czech Republic native is “focused on facing all that is in front of him and feels hope for the future and so appreciates those who support him. He’s reading and writing and training and thinking a lot.”

But while Van Damme languishes in prison, his soon-to-be-ex-wife Mimi Letuska wants the world to hear her side of the story. In an exclusive statement, Letuska contacted VincentLambert.com earlier today to share her version of the events that occurred between her and her husband in late March. “At first I didn’t want to respond to the press I’ve seen,” she wrote, “but the more I see the more angry I get that Robert is portraying himself as the victim here.” You’ve heard his side; now here’s Letuska’s version of what happened.

Both Van Damme and Letuska agree that he returned from a business trip to Chicago on March 28 of this year. That night, Van Damme went to play hockey (he played professionally in his home country) and says that he broke his nose during the game. But Letuska claims “there were no visible signs of him having been hit. No cut, no bruise, nothing.” (Van Damme alleges that she hit him in the nose with a lamp later that night.)

Once they arrived home, she says that her two daughters (from a previous relationship) began texting her from another part of the house they all shared. “Robert told me he didn’t want to hear my phone beep one more time, but it did. He flew upstairs and began screaming at the girls,” Letuska claims. “My oldest daughter was near the nightstand and didn’t know how to turn on the light, and Robert wouldn’t stop yelling at her to turn on the light. She finally did, and he asked for their phones. He took them both and smashed them against the walls of the bedroom. The police have pictures of the broken phones (none of which were either mine or Robert’s) and the holes in the walls.”

Letuska goes on to say that she begged Van Damme to get out of the girls’ room. She admits, “Yes, we were yelling at each other, but he wouldn’t leave their room. I never struck him. I was afraid of him. He is a 6-foot-1 bodybuilder. I tried to get him to leave the room and that’s when he hit me, full-on across the mouth. I fell to the floor from the force of the blow and blood was pouring out of my mouth. The police have pictures of that, too. As a result of that night, I have a broken tooth and numbness in my upper lip.” (Van Damme says that he only grazed his wife’s mouth and it was an accident.)

Letuska says that one of her daughters called the police, who later arrived to arrest Van Damme for domestic violence. She says that her children and a family friend were all witnesses to what occurred. However, the story does not end there. Letuska says that when Van Damme returned home the next morning, after bailing himself out with money she says he had hidden in their bedroom, he “wasn’t remorseful. He didn’t apologize.” Several days later Van Damme was removed from the house under a restraining order that Letuska had placed on him. She contends that he has a “very aggressive and controlling nature” and exhibited “violent behavior” during their four-year marriage.

In her lengthy e-mail to VincentLambert.com, Letuska went on to document Van Damme’s attempts to secure a green card and her efforts on his behalf. As it currently stands, he is facing deportation since she has filed for divorce. Letuska says that officials are now able to proceed with the follow-up to an Interpol warrant that was issued in March. There have been numerous rumors as to crimes that Van Damme may have committed before moving to the United States to work for Hot House, Falcon and other studios and to eventually start his own RVD Films with Letuska, who claims the previous charges include another case of domestic violence.

Currently, the RVD Films site is down (though his own RobertVanDamme.net remains up and running), and Letuska says that she holds full control of their company. “But there is no RVD Films anymore,” she adds. “Obviously, RVD Films was Robert Van Damme. He was the personality, the celebrity. I only handled all administrative duties. Robert ruined his own business.”

In closing, Letuska says, “I loved Robert and did everything for him. But I have learned that Robert only used me. He used my status as an American citizen to start a business and have a life that he wasn’t entitled to.”

We have a feeling this story isn’t over yet. More to come, guys…


Anonymous said...

I don't condone the alleged violence, but Letuska is a B_TCH. She shows with her comment "he was living a life he didn't deserve" that she didn't really love him.
She profited from him and used him too.

Tré Xavier said...

Let me get this straight (no pun intended):

His soon-to-be-ex wife knew he did gay porn and married him. She had a business with him, knowing full well that he was not all about her if he's screwing guys for a living. Now, she wants to play victim?

GIVE ME A uh-hmmm, FREAKIN' BREAK! They used each other, so they BOTH pretty much deserve whatever crap get thrown on them for this mess of their own creation.

Anonymous said...

Good luck, Robert. This witch is out for blood.

Anonymous said...

anyone who works hards deserves to profit. can't blame the guy for wanting to live the American dream. a lot of people that know him adore him. people that don't know him covet him. note to all the foreign (hot) porn stars out there- paying a woman to marry you (and he did) for a green card can cost a lot more than you bargained for ... and you may end up with just the shirt on your back. in this case, hope he keeps his shirt off.

Anonymous said...

Let me clear this up. He was in gay porn, but wasn't gay. He was in a marriage but only for citizenship. This guy is a liar. What demonstrated characteristics does Robert have, for random strangers to take his side? I'm sorry but this seems to be more likely truth here. Dude sounds like a creep.

Anonymous said...

Response to that: He is bi - loves it all. He and his wife agreed to marry so he could stay and she could get paid (her debts and cash) - marital contract that she now profits from to his detriment. He supported her and her 2 daughters and she worked for his company. Nice little freaky family. There were no lies or secrets - consenting adults.

Elizabeth Young, AKA The Gore Hound, or Elspeth Chagall said...

I don't know to say to this. Only that it's a messed up situation. I think that ultimately it cuts both ways. He used her to come to this country...many people use marriage as a means to stay in the country legally...no crime there. But that's all I see. She used him too and profited by him. It's really messed up.