June 7, 2010

News Update: Outcome of Today’s Robert Van Damme Hearing

We just got an update from today’s Robert Van Damme hearing in Orange County, California, dealing with recent charges against the porn superstar. According to his legal counsel, Van Damme pleaded guilty to misdemeanor simple assault (three counts related to domestic violence were dismissed). In fact, any and all reference to domestic violence was stricken from the complaint. He received a sentence of 36 days (which they halved), but since he has already been in jail for 18 days, his time is considered served. In addition, Van Damme is not required to undergo any treatment (such as anger management) but was put on three-year informal probation (meaning no probation officer) requiring that he not break the law again. The restraining order that had been placed against him by his soon-to-be-ex-wife Mimi Letuska was revised to allow for peaceful contact related to business and property settlement, but Van Damme stated that as of now he wants nothing to do with Letuska and hopes “to never lay eyes on her for the rest of his life.” Drama! Although Van Damme is technically free of the state charges, he is now being detained by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, who will decide whether bond will be granted during Van Damme’s upcoming immigration case. At least he is now free to access the state of his RVD Films and whether he can proceed with the company he founded. More soon…

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