July 3, 2007

Movie Review: On the Downlow


Jim Steel.
Cast: Jayden Holloway, Jason Crew, Donavan, Marcos Pirelli, Luca Alexander, Trent Atkins, Daniel Flynt, Brant Moore.

Jim Steel is back with a bunch of guys On the Downlow. In four scenes, the veteran director uses a variety of edgy camera angles, lighting effects and editing techniques to present his good-looking cast. Cutie Jason Crew gets together with hairy/tattooed hunk Donavan for some probing oral and intense fucking. Twinks Marcos Pirelli and Luca Alexander also get the arty treatment for their encounter. Donavan returns (on top this time) for a scene that turns into a five-man orgy with Crew, Alexander, Trent Atkins and Daniel Flynt. Crew provides some of his trademark dirty talk, which is pretty much the only dialogue in the movie. We finally get a glimpse of cover model Jayden Holloway in the final scene as he and the bombastic Brant Moore sweat and moan their way through a dramatic rut on a white sofa. Although the models and sex are solid, after a while all the blurry photography, blown-out lighting and visual effects start to get annoying. Why rely on gimmicks when you’ve got Jason Crew’s 10-inch cock? Oh, and even though the opening footage shows New York City’s glitzy Times Square at night, we’d bet that Downlow was shot on an L.A. set as it looks strangely familiar to one we saw in another Hollywood movie last week! (HIS Video)

Reprinted from
GAYVN magazine (2007)

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