July 31, 2007

Press: Cybersocket Web Magazine

The good people at Cybersocket Web Magazine were kind enough to feature VincentLambert.com in their July 2007 issue. Here’s what they had to say:

What? You’ve never heard of Vincent Lambert? There are very few journalists out there in the industry that have gained the respect and trust of the various studios. He’s given complete access to all of the hottest upcoming movies, so when we caught up with Lambert, we had to ask him about his porn blog that features some of the best behind-the-scenes footage of our favorite porn stars! “I started the site about three months ago,” says Lambert. “I have written about the porn industry for more than 10 years and interviewed a bunch of porn stars and reviewed a ton of movies. I realized I had so much material, including photographs that had never been seen, that porn fans would really enjoy. I wanted to give readers a place where they could have access to all that material, plus classic movies, the porn stars who have come and gone, and even those who have passed away. Because I also get so much new product and keep up with the industry in general as a writer for GAYVN, I decided to also add current content, such as new movie releases, porn events, on-set visits, exclusive model signings and fun stuff like “Should Do Porn,” which is basically pictures of hot guys who I wish would take the plunge. It’s been fun looking back over all my work and looking ahead to give readers the news and information they want.”

Hey, thanks, guys! You can see more of the gay Web at www.cybersocket.com.

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