July 9, 2007

News: Jason Sechrest Announces New Show

Columnist and host Jason Sechrest announced this week that his long-running KSEX.com show The Young & the Curious is undergoing a change in format and will now air three nights a week. Starting on Monday, July 9, The Jason Sechrest Show will be broadcast Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays live from 4 to 6 pm PT and rebroadcast from 10 pm to midnight. The live feed as well as a soon-to-be implemented “immediate archive” feature will be available to both members of KSEX.com and Sechrest’s adult entertainment site, JasonCurious.com.

As in the past, Sechrest will continue to bridge the gap between the straight and gay adult communities, featuring shows more tailored for straight audiences on Monday nights, gay audiences on Wednesday nights and a mix of “anything goes” on Fridays. Now, however, porn will be only one part of the show’s new format, as Sechrest promises to bring to the table everything from political debates to inner industry controversies with a wide variety of guests ranging from musicians and bloggers to astrologers and drag queens.

"Most shows, even sex-based talk shows, are incredibly well-rounded and feature a wide variety of topics and guests," says Sechrest, who has worked as a reporter in adult entertainment for almost a decade. “Look, I’m 27, I’m growing up and I needed a new format to reflect that. My interests have changed. This show will be sexy and it will feature pornography, but it will also tackle controversial topics.”

In addition, Sechrest will host a monthly special, "Inside Studio X," chronicling the careers of adult’s most iconic individuals, a show that will also appear on Pay Per View. The monthly event will be a retrospective for the legends of adult entertainment, featuring an extensive interview focusing on the subject’s career and personal life while showing lengthy hardcore clips from his or her award-winning titles. For more information, visit JasonCurious.com.

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