July 24, 2007

On the Set Report: Manhattan Sex Party 2


Fisting in the morning—there’s nothing like it. And that’s the first thing on the agenda as director Tony Alizzi and his crew gather once again at El Mirage, an underground sex club in New York’s East Village, to shoot the sequel to MSR Video’s Manhattan Sex Party, which earned an Adult Video News GAYVN nomination last year for Best All-Sex Video. It’s 8 am on a rainy November morning as the first of many models arrive and begin noshing on bagels and signing releases. Meanwhile, Alizzi and the others are busy dressing up the barren club, setting up a sling and rimming chair.

In the basement, two cameramen (including retired porn star Corey Jay) are preparing their equipment in a dungeon-like room for the fisting extravaganza that is about to be filmed. By 10 am, models Jorge Rivera and Matthew Green are in place (they have already done their, er, prep work for the scene), and the cameras are ready to roll. Unfortunately, there’s a problem with one of the two monitors that Alizzi has positioned himself in front of. The cameramen check the white balance while the models wait. After one camera is switched for another, Alizzi decides that the culprit is probably the monitor, not the camera, and presses on.

The models begin kissing and sucking each other. They start the anal play with a big dildo. As Alizzi directs, Rivera and Green move on to the real thing. Within a few minutes, Rivera has worked his way up from one finger to two until his entire fist disappears inside Green. Both cameras capture the action, until a battery on one goes dead. Alizzi groans and the scene stops again. “If he keeps doing that, I can cum,” offers Green. Alizzi tells him to wait for the battery to be replaced. Green complies and delivers a nice pop shot as the rejuvenated camera rolls. Rivera follows suit, and the scene is done.

By noon, a third cameraman upstairs has filmed the entrance of the models for the opening credits. They are each seen holding a MSP2 ticket stub, which had been designed and printed the day before. Photographer Chuck has also been taking publicity shots of the majority of the cast. With the fisting sequence wrapped, Alizzi is ready to film the main orgy scene. But first he gathers the entire cast in the reception area of the club for a quick briefing. “Okay, guys,” he begins, “I want you all to get nasty and dirty. Please remember to be inclusive and verbal, but not too much Jeff Stryker talk!” The 14 models, who are already touching and draped on one another, laugh and nod. They are ready to work.

It is 1 pm by the time the orgy begins. Several different areas have been set up to vary the action. Cover model Diego Alvarez climbs into a sling as Mario Ortiz steps up to do some fucking. Joe Sage teams up with Josh Kole while Rick Gonzales gets busy in a threeway. Two other models use the rimming chair for some ass-eating. The three cameras move freely among the men as the action happens simultaneously. Alizzi watches on two monitors and calls out camera angles as production assistants jump in and out of the frame with condoms, lube and towels. This goes on for more than an hour, with most of the models delivering cum shots, until Alizzi calls for a break.

It’s now time for the carousel scene, which features a wooden turntable that was specially built for the shoot. It is meant to hold a bottom, who will be spun around and fucked by several tops. There is some discussion among Alizzi and five of the models about who will be in the center of the wheel. Eventually it is decided that Alvarez is the lucky recipient.

“I want lots of coverage on this,” Alizzi instructs the camera crew. “This is our glamour scene, and I want it to look good.” Ortiz, Gonzales, Alex Leon and Aaron Heights (pictured, above) take their places around the wheel and work on their wood. Alizzi calls for action, and Gonzales starts the fucking. He then spins Alvarez to the next model until Diego has been fucked by each. Eventually they all cum on Alvarez. This scene lasts for less than an hour.

By 3:30 pm, the cast is wrapped. As the crew begins cleanup, Alizzi takes a moment to reflect on his favorite city. “I wanted to come back to New York to recapture some of the magic of the first movie,” he says. “It was one of those things in life that actually goes better than you could imagine. The difference between the two movies is primarily the cast. MSP1 had a huge star-studded cast, while MSP2 is headlined by our discovery, newcomer Diego Alvarez. The rest of the cast more truly depicts what a real sex party in Manhattan would look like. We found a lot of hot new talent here. I think people will like that.”

And if not, there’s always the fisting scene.

Reprinted from Adult Video News magazine (2003)

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