July 2, 2007

News: Brodie Sinclair Signs With Raging Stallion

Internet star Brodie Sinclair has signed a long-term exclusive contract with Raging Stallion Studios. Sinclair, who has also used the name Derek Brodie, became a sensation through his appearances on such Web-based porn sites as randyblue.com. His feature role in Falcon Studios’ Longboard cemented his status as a star in the making. Brodie has now filmed two movies for Raging Stallion, one of which is a sizzling pairing with RSS exclusive Roman Ragazzi. Brodie will star in 10 films over the next 12 months for the San Francisco–based company.

“Brodie is the ideal representative of a certain type of guy,” said RSS head Chris Ward. “He is all-American, confident, current. He is a delightful man who is about as photogenic as they come. I really look forward to working with him over the next months. I am certain that Raging Stallion will create another superstar with this young man.”

Although Brodie doesn’t identify as gay, the 24-year-old Marky Mark look-alike said, “I love sex—all sex. I guess I have too much testosterone!” Raging Stallion, which has not hired nongay performers in the past, made an exception in this instance. “Brodie is straight, but he is about as gay as you can get!” Ward said. “He is a modern American male who sees opportunity is every sexual encounter. This man is a fuck machine, and he loves it all. How could we say no?”

Brodie will appear in Raging Stallion’s Grunts, a big-budget military movie scheduled for principal photography next month.

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