September 12, 2007

Movie Review: Beach House Diaries


Jim Steel.
Cast: Brad Benton, Cole Ryan, Tory Mason, Brant Moore, Romario, Barrett Long, Jesse Santana, Christian Owen, John Wright, Luca Alexander.

Men of Odyssey is back…and so is the swag! The studio that ruled the industry in the late ’90s with award-winning titles such as Echoes, Carnal Intentions and Technical Ecstasy returns with Beach House Diaries, a first-rate production helmed by Jim Steel. And to accompany each review copy, Men of Odyssey goes back to the good old days of porn promotion by including a tote bag filled with goodies to make critics beach-ready. There’s a shovel and pail, beach towel, beach ball, bottled water and saltwater taffy. Thanks, Men! And, we are happy to report, the movie inside the bag is a scorcher as well. Writer/director Steel has assembled a gorgeous cast and filmed them at an equally gorgeous beach house, complete with pool, Jacuzzi and oceanfront view.

When fun couple Brad Benton and Cole Ryan welcome a group of attractive friends to their home, all kinds of horniness breaks out among them. But first, a long-haired, now beefy Benton (we thought he had gone legit!) and furry cutie Ryan steam up their bathroom with lots of kissing, sucking and fucking. Visitors Tory Mason, Brant Moore and Romario get steamy in their own threeway. Mason and Moore share Romario’s sweet cock, which happens to be attached to an amazing bodybuilder physique, but Mason ends up topping Moore, who is the receiver of all loads! After some shots of the guests frolicking in the pool, the action continues when Romario poses on the stairs for shutterbug Luca Alexander. Again, there is oral and a bit of anal, but alas, muscleman Romario ends up jacking alone by a fountain. Barrett Long turns up to romance adorable newbie Jesse Santana, who gets one look at Long’s massive piece in the hot tub and is soon deep-throating with zeal. Long is still hung huge (and when did he get so nicely hairy?) and, after banging Santana, pops a big load all over his face. Night falls on the compound, and Christian Owen and John Wright entertain themselves by the fireplace. The lighting in this scene is dark and moody, and the sex fits the atmosphere.

All in all, Steel has made a film that appeals to the eye with beautifully composed shots (in letterbox format) that do justice to the subjects. The models don’t have much dialogue or character development to deal with, but the hot bods and sex are what count, and they do not disappoint. The editing by D-3 is also quite good, with lots of interesting crosscuts and fades. Viewers may not get the swag, but as summer draws to a close, they will get a memorable trip to the Beach that will both excite and entertain. For more information, visit (Men of Odyssey)

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