September 18, 2007

New Release: Proven Straight

“Hey, just because I like to fuck a guy’s hot ass doesn’t make me gay, does it?” Proven Straight, the new DVD from Jet Set Men, poses this question. The film starts as nine hot men get together to have some fun—shoot some hoops, have a fast poker game and get involved in a short discussion about whether “fucking a guy’s ass makes you gay or not.” The consensus is that it doesn’t, so the various horny men go off to check each other out and test the premise. Proven Straight is the first Chris Steele Production for Jet Set Men and is directed by Mark Reed. Starring Andrew Justice, Christian Owen, Hans Ebson, Jorden Michaels, Kurt Wild, Nickolay Petrov, Sebastian Young, TJ Young and Zach Rockwood. For more information, visit

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You were not mistaken, all is true