September 23, 2007

News: Mark Dalton Update

UPDATE: As of Friday, September 21, Mark Dalton's parole has been revoked by the Texas Department of Corrections. He is currently serving a 45-day sentence in Denton County Jail and will then return to a Texas prison when that sentence is fulfilled this week. It is unclear how long Dalton will have to spend in the Texas prison for violating his parole. More details as they develop…

UPDATE: As of Friday, August 10, Mark Dalton pleaded “no-contest” to his two current misdemeanor charges and was sentenced to 43 days total in Denton County Jail, according to David Forest. Prior to the end of this new “sentence,” Dalton will go before the Texas Department of Justice Parole Board, where he hopes to be continued on parole when he completes the 43-day sentence in County Jail.

On June 21, 2007, two misdemeanor charges were filed against porn star Mark Dalton in Denton County, Texas, following his arrest on May 31. According to Dalton’s agent David Forest, the charges were for “assault causes bodily injury family violence“ and “interference with an emergency call.” Dalton will be arraigned on both charges on July 16, 2007 at the Denton County Criminal Court. The Texas Department of Corrections parole board will not address Dalton’s parole status until these cases have been adjudicated. He will continue to be held at the Denton County Jail with no bail.

Dalton’s latest movie, Mark Meets Zeb: The Texas Two-Step, recently hit number one on the TLA sales chart.

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