November 29, 2007

Movie Review: California Creamin’


Director: Landon.
Cast: Dempsy Sterns, Keegan Kox, Ash Thomas, Ty Biggs, Brennan Krupp, Dorian Randall, Gaige Paxton, Brady Hunt, Justyn Jay.

Boyride Films returns with California Creamin’, a top-notch movie with models and situations so real that viewers will feel as if they’re watching cinema verité. In four scenes, a bevy of skate and surf punks interact in their natural habitats. Dempsy Sterns and Keegan Kox are just two average guys hanging out in a seedy hotel. They listen to their earphones and read skater magazines, but when their unexpected passion erupts in a steamy shower, the audience feels like a very horny fly on the wall. The twinks kiss and paw each other, smacking their rock-hard cocks together. Eventually they move to a bed where they 69 and fuck. Their almost adolescent cuddling tops off a nearly perfect scenario. Next, Ash Thomas is nonchalantly jacking on his couch when friends Ty Biggs and Brennan Krupp burst in and catch him. They all end up watching a porno, but when Ty and Brennan get carried away with their mutual cock-sucking, Ash reminds them, “Dudes, you know I’m not into that shit!” Luckily it doesn’t stop him or them from pumping out major loads. Dorian Randall (also featured in a DVD extra solo) and Gaige Paxton are drinking buds who let things go to far. Their encounter feels very believable as the tattooed duo experiment with oral and even dildos. The final flip-flop scene doesn’t compare to the others (Brady Hunt looks a bit long in the tooth for his board), but no matter, California Creamin’ offers excellent picture quality along with authentic amateurs who will make you wish you lived near a beach. (Boyride Films)

Reprinted from GAYVN magazine (2007)

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