November 19, 2007

News: Titan Media Establishes Folsom Fund

Titan Media announced this week that it has donated a total of $25,000 to Folsom Street Events and established the TitanMen/Folsom Fund. Titan Media, parent company of gay adult brands TitanMen, TitanMen Fresh, ManPlay and MSR Video, said that the majority of the $25,000 will go toward establishing the TitanMen/Folsom Fund and the remainder to underwrite the costs of producing Up Your Alley and Folsom Street Fair.

“Titan Media’s sponsorship gives back to our community in two ways,” say Keith Webb, vice president of Titan Media, “the TitanMen/Folsom Fund provides grants directly to organizations focusing on gay men’s health and our fair sponsorship helps keep event costs down, so all of the proceeds from the gates and beverage sales can go directly to local charities.”

The new TitanMen/Folsom Fund will support nonprofit organizations specializing in gay men’s health and education across the nation and will be wholly administered by Folsom Street Events. Folsom Street Events will match this money with additional national grants, so the 2007 national grants program will give out a total of $27,500.

Titan Media has also created a co-branded TitanMen/Folsom line of hardcore leather/fetish films that have been designated the “Exclusive Leather/Fetish Films of the Folsom Street Fair.” A portion of sales from the co-branded DVDs finances the grants. The first film in the series, Folsom Filth, won Best Specialty Film-Extreme at the 2006 GAYVN Awards and was followed by the hugely successful and best-selling films Folsom Leather and FEAR. Due to the overwhelming success of the films, Titan Media was able to exceed its guaranteed minimum contribution of $20,000 by $5,000, for a total contribution of $25,000 to Folsom Street Events for 2007.

“As a leader within the gay adult industry, TitanMen is proud to be one of the largest studio contributors to nonprofit organizations specializing in gay men’s health and education,” says Bruce Cam, founder and CEO of Titan Media. “We have been able to show that protection and profit can go hand-in-hand by producing the best-selling gay adult films in the world while still maintaining a condom only/safer sex policy. The greatest gift we can give back to the community is the portrayal of safer sex and the use of condoms in our films. The value of a single human life is worth more than any amount of money we could ever contribute.”

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