November 8, 2007

Movie Review: Ride ’Em Rough


Director: Csaba Borbely.
Cast: Dirk Jager, Lucien Dickson, Rod Stevens, Darryl Dominguez, Fernando Mangiatti, Fabrizio Mangiatti, Mad Stefano, Demitri Kazakh, Breno Lopez, Delangiorna.

Director Csaba Borbely is back with his usual assortment of hot foreign men in Ride ’Em Rough. This time, the studs are living and loving on a remote horse ranch, where they bond in the great outdoors. Sexy Rod Stevens shows off his exquisite butt in the opening flip-flop fuck scene. He also wears knee-high rubber boots—as do all the guys—in every scene! But don’t let that distract you from the great bods, intense oral action and anal pounding these models give and take. Of course, there is some convoluted plot involving rivalry at the ranch, but honestly, who can follow when the subtitles are so loosely translated? There is lovely videography, and Borbely has fun composing beautifully symmetrical shots, including scenes featuring the hunky Mangiatti brothers. Letterbox formatting classes up the production, and picture quality is mostly good, although some of the sunny scenes tend to wash out. This is more of the same from Borbely and Pacific Sun, but with a product this solid, viewers will surely want to go along for the Ride. (Pacific Sun Entertainment)

Reprinted from GAYVN magazine (2007)

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