September 12, 2008

Movie Review: Czech Tales, Part 1


Director: Rolf Hammerschmidt.
Cast: Boris Sacharov, Enzo Bloom, Jerry Harris, Ben Eastboy, Rusty Smith, Denis Reed, Dominik Trojan, Dario Dolce, Marcio Gonzales, Tibor Cernan, Nicolas Santos.

Czech Tales, Part 1
offers a dreamy take on numerous erotic scenarios taking place in Eastern Europe. From the opening sequence, in which lovers Boris Sacharov and Jerry Harris kiss in a bathtub, the tone is set with pastel colors and fuzzy soft-focus photography in letterbox format. For some reason (no subtitles), Sacharov takes to the road and ends up in an airport, then he naps on a park bench and some pervy guy in the bushes makes suggestive comments to him. And judging by the looks of Sacharov (tall, tanned, muscular and gorgeous), who wouldn’t? Back at the hotel, the hunk spies on his horny neighbor (Denis Reed), who is acting out a bondage scene with two fellow twinks made up with fake wounds. This keyhole device gets tiresome as Sacharov spies and jacks. And the fact that the guys are tied up in a pink room while a hideous European rap song plays in the background certainly doesn’t add to the sexy factor.

Sacharov continues to fantasize about Harris in gauzy flashbacks and search for him in the countryside after taking a train outside the city. In between, we get the story of Dario Dolce and Ben Eastboy, who decide to eat cock and cum along with their breakfast. This scene uses a gimmicky three-camera split screen that gets annoying. The guys and action are hot enough; we don’t need to see it from all those angles!

The final scene, titled “The Bottle of Red Wine,” finds Sacharov in a bar where a hot couple have sex in front of the patrons. The bartender (Dominik Trojan) gets so turned-on that he jumps over the counter and fucks both of them! The other customers jerk off, including Marcio Gonzales, who delivers a stunning geyser cum shot. The rest of Czech Tales is filled with numerous oral pop shots that might entice viewers, and Sacharov is certainly a handsome leading man (and a good sport as he takes an eyeful of jizz in one scene), but the mostly standard sex sometimes gets lost amid the art direction. (Falcon International)

Reprinted from GAYVN magazine (2008)

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