September 26, 2008

Movie Review: Sausage Fest


Directors: Doug and Jay.
Cast: Doug, Jay, Axe, James, Kai, Marcus, Spence, David, Brock, Dirk, Chris, Giovanni, Ty, Guzzo, Vince, Grant.

The Amateur Straight Guys are back, bringing their ample meat to Sausage Fest. It’s business as usual as the studs hang out with directors Doug and Jay and dare one another to perform sexy stunts. First, Axe, Marcus, Kai and James decide to strip and run through the house naked in order to freak out the maid. These silly pranks set a lighthearted mood that is maintained when the tattooed crew hits the sofa to pull their puds. As usual, the straight porn is going on the tube and the guys play a game in which they have to lick each other’s nips and balls. Eventually, some sucking goes on and the dudes who want to earn more cash take the loads on their chests.

The easygoing good times continue in the next scene as Giovanni, Vince, Guzzo, Ty and Chris start a circle jerk that ends with all of them shooting on a glass table. That poor maid! A fake pussy also comes into play, and newcomer Chris overcomes his shyness to take a sex toy up the butt. Next, chunky model Brock, clearly a favorite of the directors, is cajoled into shooting a scene, although he doesn’t realize that he will be bottoming for hunky Dirk and blowing cutie David. This trio maintains the positive energy and realistic vibe, right down to Brock’s proclaiming at the end, “My butt hurts!”

Axe returns for the final scene, in which he sucks both Grant and Spence, proving that for a straight guy, he sure knows how to give a good blowjob. Production values are fine for an amateur flick, but it’s the natural-looking cast and relaxed feel of a bunch of straight dudes hanging and playing that will entertain viewers. (Amateur Straight Guys/The French Connection)

Reprinted from GAYVN magazine (2008)

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