December 10, 2008

News: Michael Brandon Checks Into Rehab

SF Weekly has printed an update to its great story about the trials and tribulations of gay porn star Michael Brandon. Now, writer Ashley Harrell reports that the man who made “Monster” a household name (in gay households anyway) has entered a supervised rehab recovery program. Brandon, who has admitted his addiction to crystal meth and currently faces drug charges, says that there is a chance he could still avoid prison and be back before the porn cameras sometime next year.

The paper says that since Brandon (pictured left with boyfriend Marcos Monzon) entered treatment, which included a 45-day detox, he has gained 32 pounds and found a new Narcotics Anonymous sponsor. His next court date is December 22.

Brandon, who did the bulk of his work for Raging Stallion Studios as an exclusive model, director and part owner, wants his fans to know, “I’m not leaving the industry. Hell, no. I spent the better part of 10 years creating my name, and I love my fans.”

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