December 22, 2008

News Update: Mason Wyler Rape Case Closed

The alleged rape case of porn star Mason Wyler has been dropped. The Dallas Voice is reporting that no charges will be filed in the incident that supposedly took place last fall. Local police told the gay publication that the case was closed because “the complainant is not wanting to participate in the investigation…therefore, we cannot prove that any of this really occurred.” Wyler, who has appeared in many movies, including Just Add Water, Cock Tease and The Porne Ultimatum, caused a stir among the press when he posted on his blog details of an alleged attack that involved him and his boyfriend being drugged and abused at gunpoint by a military officer and his friends. Now, Wyler has apparently decided that he doesn’t want to cooperate with detectives, so the case is officially closed. But have we heard the last of it?

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