July 17, 2009

Rewind: Pickle Lickers


Directors: Uncredited.
Cast: Wes Daniels, Dylan Fox, Tony Belmonte, Buster, Chuck Grady, Don Edward, Tony Miles, Jason Broderick, Ron Nelson, Beau David, Sean Carrera, Mark Steel, Grant King, Rob Cryston, B.J. Slater, Flex Gamble, Rickey Parker, York Powers, Rod Abbott, Miguel Perez, Chad Lowe, Giorgio Falconi, Ty Thomas.

The vintage scenes in Pickle Lickers will bring back fond memories of movies and porn stars past. Most of the scenes in this solid compilation are from at least 10 years ago (including a few pre-condom) and feature some familiar faces, including Wes Daniels (so hot and hairy being worked over by two undercover cops in a scene from Body Search), Mark Steel (sporting a scoop-neck tank top for his duo in Cruising Park) and even B.J. Slater (in an early scene with Dylan Fox in The Drifters). The quality of the transfer varies widely here, with lots of fuzzy pictures, discoloration, faded colors and overall graininess, but the integrity of these seminal works remains in tact. There once was a time when making porn was creative, artistic and edgy, almost an act of rebellion, and these 14 classic scenes, weighing in at a whopping four hours, convey that with every bad ’80s hairdo, ripped pair of jeans and squishy waterbed. (HIS Video/Tool Factory)

Reprinted from GAYVN magazine (2009)

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frederic said...

wes daniels and rob cryston wer emy wet dreams when i was an early twe, my god did they deliver