July 1, 2009

Seen: Mike Dreyden & Ricky Sinz at HX Awards


The HX Awards rolled around again for the 18th (!) time last week, just in time for New York City’s Gay Pride festivities. Held at the Chelsea Clearview Cinemas on West 23rd Street, the show featured the usual assortment of drag queens, go-go boys, club promoters and eager readers crowding the open bar and vying for some guacamole dip. Hostess Peppermint ran a tight ship, alternately bitching out the crowd for booing then getting teary when she won the coveted Drag Queen of the Year award. Other winners included Milk for Best Film, Equus for Best Play and Billy Elliot for Best Musical. Mayor Michael Bloomberg even showed up to accept his New Yorker of the Year award and gave an impromptu press conference on the red carpet.

On the porn side of life, we spotted sex stars Mike Dreyden (who plugged his new movie for Titan Media, Bad Conduct) and Ricky Sinz (who is always winning one award or another). Also Seen: Ben Andrews, Spike, Robin Byrd, Hedda Lettuce, soap actor Scott Evans (brother of überhottie Chris) and Broadway baby Nick Adams. Sadly, we’ve just learned that this could be the very last HX Awards ever as late yesterday publisher Matthew Bank released a statement saying that HX Magazine and the hx.com Web site have been sold. He did not say who had bought the properties, only that more information would be available soon. His last issue will hit the stands this Friday, July 3.

First Farrah, then Michael Jackson, now this! Truly the end of an era, kids. Sad face here.

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