July 24, 2009

Movie Review: Dealers


Director: Roman Senko.
Cast: Jiri, Thomas, Pavel, Jan, Erik, David, Robert.

The shady characters of Dealers hang out in a seedy bar and play video games. They sit at little tables and whip out big bags of cocaine. They also seduce the bartender into having sex with them. At least that’s what happens in the first scene. Three models from the Czech Republic act like scumbags, wheeling and drug dealing, then one of them grabs the bartender and starts making out with him. Soon the four men are going at it right there on the video machines. There’s the usual sucking, fucking and cumming, eventually right on the video machine! Next, two horny cops accost a nerdy businessman (the “plot” is hard to decipher as there are no subtitles) and spank him on top of a Star Trek video game. The cops blow him, he blows them but in a twist, the bespectacled twink winds up on top (and he keeps his glasses on for both the oral and the anal!). This studious stud also delivers a major cum shot. In the final scene, two cuties play a race car game at the video arcade before playing with each other. They are young and thin, but someone should have taught them how to kiss. Their butterfly tonguing is almost as annoying as the dreadful disco soundtrack that pounds throughout the movie. In a puzzling ending, they are taken away in handcuffs. Guess these dealers will have to deal with prison. Sequel, anyone? (Galaxia Entertainment)

Reprinted from
GAYVN magazine (2009)

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