July 28, 2009

News: Mark Dalton Plugs Tour on Radio Show


In case you haven’t heard, Mark Dalton is busting out all over. Or at least that’s the title of his new dance tour, which kicked off in New York City last weekend. The porn superstar flew into town from Texas to shake his moneymaker at Splash on Friday night, then it was back home for a show on Saturday at the Bonham Exchange in San Antonio. These were his first live appearances in three years, so no wonder they caused a fuss. But before he took to his go-go box, the 29-year-old bodybuilder stopped by The Derek and Romaine Show on Sirius OutQ 109.

Dalton gave a brief but fun interview (and we know the guy has a lot to say because he gave his very first post-prison sit-down to VincentLambert.com), and topics of conversation ranged from Mark’s spray-on tan to his many new tattoos (which he got in Miami, not jail!). Romaine seemed to be especially taken with one of a cute little bunny rabbit on Dalton’s right arm. (After the show, Mark gave us a closer look and revealed that the word inscribed inside the bunny is his three-year-old daughter’s name.) Of course Derek and Romaine got around to questioning Dalton about his time in prison (“The food and company sucked,” he said) and whether he plans a return to on-screen sex work (“I’m a good boy,” he said. “It’s just not my thing.” Sorry, guys!).

Then, after taking off his shirt (hawt!) and posing for some pictures, Dalton was off, returning to his hotel to rest up for that night’s gig at Splash, where he got a respectable turnout (although the two drug dealers we watched get arrested on the sidewalk outside were less than respectable, but that’s another post. More later this week). For additional dates on the Busting Out All Over Tour, visit MarkDaltonXXX.com and ThePremiereArtists.com.

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Beranrd said...

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