July 29, 2009

Event: Van Damme Live in Atlanta Tonight!

Porn superstar Robert Van Damme got in touch this week to let us know that he’s hitting the road for some upcoming tour dates. First up, Hotlanta (do they still call it that!?) tonight for an appearance at Blake’s on the Park (227 10th Street) at midnight, then shows in Orlando (August 8) and Milwaukee (September 4). Van Damme has been keeping busy with his RVD Productions. The studio’s new film is titled Cocks in Paradise and stars Van Damme along with Matthew Rush and is co-directed by Gino Colbert (we’re giving readers an exclusive first peek at the très tropical cover below), and Robert tells us that it’s his best yet. He says it’s even better than Private Party 3 (the movie in which he bottoms for Tyler Saint, so this has got to be good, people!). Van Damme also mentioned that he has traded scenes with Nick Capra for content that will appear on both their Web sites. “I think the scene is brilliant,” he says. “Nick bottomed for me, and he took it like a soldier! I really enjoyed the afternoon, and [director] Jett Blakk was behind the camera, so I knew it would turn out fantastic!” The muscle hunk also revealed that he is working on a secret project that would shoot in NYC in September. So stay tuned for more on that. In the meantime, go see this superstud live. He’s known for giving his all onstage and for rewarding his audience with lots of complimentary DVDs, T-shirts and assorted swag. For more information, visit RobertVanDamme.net.

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