June 19, 2009

Seen: Van Damme Stripping at the Bullet in L.A.

Porn superstar Robert Van Damme kicked off his new studio, RVD Productions, with a party at a North Hollywood leather bar recently. The Bullet hosted the muscular stud from the Czech Republic and more than 300 of his closest friends and fans (including a chef who came all the way from Carey, Ohio!) for an intimate barbecue. Van Damme, who has produced six movies (Private Party 1, 2 and 3; Anal Intruder; Butt Bouncers; and Cocks in Paradise) under his own company, took the stage four times throughout the evening and did a complete strip out of his leather gear (he could never get away with that in NYC) while tossing DVDs and T-shirts into the packed audience. During the last show of the night, one demanding porn fan screamed, “Show us your hole!” (he’d probably seen RVD’s bottoming debut in Private Party 3) and the accommodating Van Damme was only too happy to bend over and spread ’em wide. Now that’s the mark of a true porn star! Seen: Van Damme with Dominik Rider (we spy photographer Greg Lenzman in the background) and Gino Colbert (below); David Forest; Ryan Block; Patrick Ives; Vince Harrington; Ron Hamill; Dak King; Terry LeGrand; and Ryan Starr. For more information, visit RobertVanDamme.net.

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