June 30, 2009

New Release: Double Czech 2009

More news on the brothers-doing-it front, but this time with a twist. Channel 1 Releasing has picked up veteran director William Higgins’ Double Czech 2009, which is a sequel to a film that starred twins Jirka and Karel Bartok and came out almost a decade ago from All Worlds Video. And in this movie, real-life identical twins Adam and Konrad Richter go all the way in the final scene. The new version was filmed on location in the Czech Republic and co-stars Bjorn Gedda, Viktor Kana, Matthus Reinhardt and Nikolas Rezac.

“I am beyond thrilled to be releasing a sequel to Double Czech,” Higgins says. “The first installment went so well, and was such a good collaboration [among] Rick Ford, All Worlds Video and myself, that I thought it was very important to keep the franchise under the same roof. After all, brothers shouldn’t be separated.”

The Richter twins are seen in several scenes, including ones in which they trade massages, wrestle, shave each other and engage in group fun. But it’s the sibling-sex finale that will set tongues wagging. “I thought about making a censored version that didn’t include the twins engaging in any action,” Higgins adds, “but I could see it in their eyes. It would have been impossible to cut a censored version as [they] were so hot for each other. You know, years of pent-up desires. I can only imagine.”

We can only imagine that someone’s gonna burn in hell for this one. We’re just not sure who! For more information on Double Czech 2009, visit C1R.com.

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