June 2, 2009

News: Kazan and Bjorn to Join Forces

LucasKazan.com and KristenBjorn.com announced last week that they will be working jointly on many projects, from online content to marketing.

“Sharing resources and strategizing together let us compete more effectively in an ever more competitive environment,” director Lucas Kazan says. “We’ll offer customers more quality content more often. Finally, we’ll be better equipped to face the challenges and to seize the many opportunities out there.”

Director Kristen Bjorn adds, “Lucas Kazan and I have long enjoyed that special relationship. We have co-produced many award-winning videos from 2000 to 2005. I’m confident we shall take the same excellence and the same eroticism online.”

Kristen Bjorn Productions, now in its 21st year of operation, will be revamping kristenbjorn.com and recently added a VOD theater. Established in 1998, Lucas Kazan Productions celebrates 11 years in the biz. Both founders have been inducted into the GAYVN Hall of Fame.


Boris said...

always loved kazan and bjorn, they're top players and their models the hottest is the bizz.

Bernard said...

they're both great producers in the latino field : can't get enough of them

Anonymous said...

hmmmmm can hardly wait to see their first venture together