June 17, 2009

News: Bel Ami and Corbin Fisher to Partner

Bel Ami/BelAmiOnline and Corbin Fisher.com have announced a partnership involving the sharing and joint production of content. The two companies, with a combined monthly reach of hundreds of thousands of porn fans, have confirmed a deal involving collaboration on several exclusive scenes as well as a full-length DVD, Five Americans in Prague, which will be released later this year.

“This is indeed a historic partnership for Bel Ami and the gay porn world in general,” says Stuart Davis, Bel Ami’s chief operating officer. “Having two leading companies in compatible markets partner to create exclusive content shared between studios as well as benefits that are offered only to each other’s members at this level and to this degree is unprecedented.”

Corbin Fisher COO Brian Dunlap adds, “This collaboration not only provides the opportunity to create highly unique and original content, but also adds tremendous value to the experience of our respective members and fans.”

The two porn companies recently completed a month of co-production that extended from San Francisco to Prague and Budapest. Some of each company’s most popular exclusive models will be featured in the jointly produced material, including Dolph Lambert, Ariel Vanean, Luke Hamill, Brandon Manilow, Jean Daniel Chagall and Sascha Chaykin from Bel Ami and Corbin Fisher’s Dawson, Connor, Elijah, Josh and Zeke.

Among the shared content are introductory episodes produced exclusively by each producer for members of the other’s site. And in addition to the co-produced content, each party’s Web site will feature a full scene from the other’s weekly.

Sounds like the best of both gay worlds. For more information, visit BelAmiOnline.com and CorbinFisher.com.

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