June 10, 2009

Web Watch: Jason Adonis’s Comeback Solo

The wait is over. Fans of porn star Jason Adonis can finally see his comeback scene. Hold Tight is the latest release in the COLT Minute Man Solo Series, and it features Adonis in a steamy solo, his first porn work in two years. “I have always admired Jason Adonis’s physique,” director John Rutherford says, “but never did I realize just how big he is in real life. From his hands to his feet, and of course everything in between, Jason doesn’t disappoint.” The Hold Tight DVD will not be available for several months, but this scene is live now for online members. So if you want to see whether Adonis still has what it takes to be a porn superstar, visit COLTstudiogroup.com.


Anonymous said...

No one I know is clamoring for—or even caring about—the return of Jason Adonis.

Anonymous said...

Is he losing his hair or something? Better get on Propecia+Minoxidil now or it'll be too late.