June 26, 2009

News: More New Mark Dalton Pics

PHOTOS COURTESY ThePremiereArtists.com

Yup, there are more! The pictures you are seeing here are from porn superstar Mark Dalton’s first photo shoot in three years. They were taken on Tuesday in Texas and clearly prove that the 29-year-old hunk is looking better than ever. See? Hard labor does pay off! Dalton is set for an upcoming dance tour and to celebrate he gave VincentLambert.com an exclusive interview. Btw, when we asked him about all his new tattoos, Dalton said, “Sure, there’s a reason and motivation for each,” but then he declined to tell us what the reason and motivation were. Oh well, at least we got him to reminisce about his campy appearance on The Jenny Jones Show (google it!) and admit that it was staged. Shocker!

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