June 25, 2009

Movie Review: Jock Itch 2: Balls to the Wall


Director: Jake Deckard.
Cast: Jake Deckard, Steve Cruz, Aitor Crash, Damian Rios, Tober Brandt, Cory Koons, Dominic Sol, Jon Matthews.

Porn star/director Jake Deckard and his Screaming Eagle XXX production company are back with a follow-up to the inconsistent Jock Itch. It’s still got the same unappealing title (with a Balls to the Wall subtitle), but the second time’s a charm. This action-packed sequel that celebrates sports, jocks and all the athletic gear that goes with them gets off to a rousing start with a great opening montage that bursts with energy. Part of its charm is the wonderfully manic theme song by Johnny Freedom! and the New Americans. From there, we move on to five hot scenes that are brutal, edgy and nasty in the best possible sense.

First, Aitor Crash and Damian Rios are built baseball players who can’t resist their urges and start making out uncontrollably. Soon, they are stripping out of their matching Screaming Eagle T-shirts (shameless product placement) and Crash is tapping Rios’s butt…with a baseball bat. He actually gets it pretty far up there! And it’s through a perfectly placed rip in the back of his pants. Talk about easy access! Crash delivers a hard fuck, and Rios moans appreciatively. In the end, they jerk on each other. Rugged Jon Matthews is on deck next, doing a solo jack in a red jockstrap. Actually, make that into a red jockstrap as this manly man pops major cream in a standout cum shot.

Hairy Steve Cruz helps buddy Cory Koons get suited up in his chest guard then tests it out by punching the hell out of him. This is as violent as the action gets here, but Koons doesn’t seem to mind. He lets Cruz spank and eat his ass before he sucks him off. Cruz delivers an amazing jackhammer fuck, and the models’ face-to-face connection makes it all the hotter. They both spew loudly, and all while wearing their sweat socks…for guys who are into that! Aitor Crash returns for the next scene, this time sparring with Tober Brandt through a cage. Once the guys get together, they do their own erotic version of extreme fighting before they start smooching. There’s real passion here as the studs show what real men do when the gloves (and clothes) come off. This is one sweaty, hairy, fierce matchup with big muscles and spit galore. Both hunks flip and eventually deliver breathless cum shots.

Deckard himself takes on Dominic Sol in the final scene. Jake sports a shiner (a reference to the first movie) and a hard-on as the fun begins. Soon he is feeding Sol his pretty prick then diving deep into his butt cheeks. Deckard also licks Sol’s socks and shoes before banging him. Sol delivers his load, Deckard adds his own then licks up the whole mess and leans in for a kiss. This is the perfect ending for a strong genre film that is long on originality and solidifies an Itch-y franchise. (Raging Stallion Studios/Screaming Eagle XXX)

Reprinted from GAYVN magazine (2009)

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Ass Freak said...

love aitor and especially damian rios, both are superb bottom bitches so aitor should have bottomed too.