July 14, 2009

News: Blake Riley to Retire From Gay Porn

Porn star Blake Riley is leaving the building! Our colleague Jason Sechrest of JasonCurious.com is reporting that the Rascal Video/Channel 1 Releasing exclusive has decided to retire from the industry. Riley has been telling friends that he’s “over the whole porn thing” for a while, and his decision may or may not be affected by the fact that he is in a relationship. The onetime Unzipped cover model was discovered by director Chi Chi LaRue and has appeared in numerous films, including Unknown, Chosen, Excess and the newly released Taken: To the Lowest Level and Rascal: A Toy Story. Riley also famously went bi in the controversial Shifting Gears. During his brief time in the big biz, he won Best Newcomer at both the GAYVN and Grabby awards and also had his photogenic butt (see above) molded for the Rascal Toy Line. Riley is still under contract to Channel 1 and the door remains open if and when he changes his mind (as one or two other porn stars, including Benjamin Bradley, have done in the past). For more info on Blake, visit C1R.com.

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ronald said...

too bad, i was a very big fan, will miss him