March 4, 2009

News: MTV Casts Gay-for-Pay True Life Episode was contacted last week by a producer from MTV’s True Life series. Guess she didn’t read our review of that craptastic episode they did with Jet Set Men exclusive Aaron James last year. It seems that the network is exploring the idea of doing a gay-for-pay episode of the reality series, which will feature “young heterosexuals who pretend to be gay for a living.” Gee, we wonder where they got that lame idea! Anyway, here’s the casting call:

We are interested in hearing from people with all kinds of stories, from a young person working in gay porn to make a living, to a college student in a same-sex escort service to earn extra cash, or even a straight bartender working for tips in a gay club. Can you help us put out our call for stories? We would like to get the word out to people in our age range (16-28, roughly, though anyone who appears younger than 28 is welcome to submit their story) who might be interested in possibly sharing their story and ultimately participating in a documentary project that would follow as they navigate whatever conflict, tension, obstacle, or decision they are facing because of or related to their unconventional line of work. E-mail MTV at with all the details. Please be sure to include your name, location, phone number and a photo.

Because, after all, if you don’t include a photo, how will they be able to tell that you look 28 or younger!?

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