March 9, 2009

Short Takes: Steve Cruz, Man of Year…and More

Porn star Steve Cruz (above) has been chosen by as its 2009 Man of the Year. The Raging Stallion exclusive, who has appeared in films such as Grunts and The 4th Floor, has turned to directing with Blue Movie, Red Light and XXX for Falcon’s Mustang line. The hairy hunk has also been involved with the “How I Roll” safe-sex campaign and recently found love with fellow RSS exclusive Bruno Bond. Way to go, Steve!…Do you need even more gay porn news than you’re getting here? Well, then you’re in luck! Our longtime colleague Mickey Skee will now be writing his “Mickey’s Quickies” gossip column on a weekly basis at According to veteran porn journalist Skee, the column, which has been appearing monthly in GAYVN magazine for many years, will keep readers “up to date with what the fans say, what’s hot and who’s doing what to whom.” Hell, we always want to know that last bit!…Porn superstar Michael Lucas (below) has run into some trouble with the Canada Border Services Agency, which has banned two titles from Lucas Entertainment’s new Raunch line. Both Piss! and Farts! did not meet Canada’s censorship standards, which prevent the “ingestion of someone else’s urine…with a sexual purpose.” Lucas responded by calling the ban “odd” and writing a letter (which he later said on his blog was a joke) to President Barack Obama to ask for help with his plight. No word from our new leader yet, but we think he’s kinda busy saving the world at the moment. For more, visit

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Anonymous said...

It's not that movies Piss! and Farts! did not meet Canada's censorship standards. That might have been the politically correct response from the agency. But the truth is that the movies SUCK! and not in a good way. The only thing seems"odd" is the ridiculously dumb picture of Mr.Lucas under the story. What a tranny looking mess!!!!