April 30, 2010

Movie Review: Baitbuddies, 3rd Edition


Edward James.
Cast: Shane, Orlando, Wes, Jacob, Bobby Clark, Andrea, Rome, TJ, Gregg, Joseph, Scott.

It’s a classic setup: Sleazy pornographer lures unsuspecting model to his studio and proceeds to trick, cajole and coerce said model into posing nude. In the case of Baitbuddies, shady director Edward James gets the models to do much more than pose naked. If you buy the reality-style premise, he drags an alleged straight stud to his tacky leather sofas and makes him think that he’s going to bang some hot babes. But when the fictional bimbos don’t show, the con man director talks them into trying sex with a decoy gay, offering extra money and guaranteeing that the scene will be seen only in a foreign market. It’s all very manipulative and gross, and the real fucking is nothing compared to the mind-fucking that straight-faced liar James gives these naive dudes. The no-name cast (with the exception of a fresh-faced Bobby Clark, who proclaims himself “a titty man”) is average and perhaps they’re all in on the joke, but in our experience, porn stars aren’t this good at acting. If sexual psychodrama turns you on, then Baitbuddies might do the trick. Otherwise, you’ll find it as exploitative, boring and depressing as we did. (Pure Play Media)

Reprinted from
GAYVN magazine (2009)


Elizabeth Young, AKA The Gore Hound, or Elspeth Chagall said...

Just the premise of this one alone, is enough to turn me off. The idea of a sex film is to get you off and what gets me off is knowing that the people are really into it and each other. The idea that they are being coerced into it is a gut-churner if nothing else.
Perhaps, it's a good thing that the director isn't well known, or is he?

Vincent Lambert said...

I’ve never heard of him, and with any luck, none of us will again!


Elizabeth Young, AKA The Gore Hound, or Elspeth Chagall said...

Oh, one can only hope. OMG! If you want to talk about it in extreme terms: these poor men where 'raped' by this director in every scene. And that's just sick! When I want to watch a scene I want to know that they are enjoying it just as much as I am watching it. By the same token, I always want in the back of my mind to know that they are playing safe and that it's a good time for everyone involved. I really hope that none of us will be subjected to this kind of filth. And that's what this was...filth. Thanks to you, I don't need to see it. I'll never forget a tag line that one of my buddies used for his review site and forum: we watch junk, so you don't have to! lol..guess it applies here too. But I hate to think that you had to 'take one for the team' so to speak. No one should have to do that.