July 23, 2008

Guy Candy: Jessie From Big Brother 10?

Are any of you gay porn fans also closet followers of that mindless summer favorite Big Brother like us? That’s the addictive reality show on which a bunch of trashy people hang out in a house for three months and the person who can hang out the longest wins half a million dollars. Every cast has its share of hotties (anyone remember Josh from Season 1?), and the ninth installment (rushed on unexpectedly last winter due to the writers’ strike) even featured an overbearing homo and a crazy bisexual porn star (the latter unbeknownst to the rest of the cast and the female houseguest he was banging). The new season has brought an array of freaks (New Orleans lady Renny), fags (gay rodeo cowboy Steven) and old farts (75-year-old Jerry). And then there’s Jessie, the smug 22-year-old bodybuilder from Iowa who has never met a mirror he didn’t like. This immature blockhead pumps and preens for the other houseguests while performing his head-of-household duties with hands akimbo. So when we happened upon the above photo, which looks suspiciously like Jessie, we weren’t exactly surprised. You think little sister’s got a big brother in those Calvins?

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