July 9, 2008

News: Hermes Films to Debut Midline Product

Hermes Films is joining the already crowded gay market with its premier release. Launching this month, the new studio will focus on bisexual, black and athletic-type product. “We’re not here to compete with COLT, Hot House or Channel 1, nor do we expect to overtake those specializing in foreign-shot or black features,” says a spokesperson for Hermes. “But we found that there is a shortage of mid-market product, especially bisexual, and we hope to fill that gap. With the wholesale price of DVDs for the gay market getting out of control, retailers of all types are beginning to feel the pinch. Our product is designed to retail under $40 and as such should address a forgotten market segment.”

The first movie from Hermes Films is titled Together Bi Chance and is due in July. We presume the stud pictured above stars in the movie…or is at least bicurious. For more information, contact sales@hermesfilms.com.

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