July 10, 2008

Movie Review: Neighborhood Buddies, Volume 7


Director: Uncredited.
Cast: Sicilian K, Adrian, Brock, Anthony, Tyson, Dominic, Matt Ryder, J.C.

The Buddies are back in the ’hood with eight mostly hot guys in seven standard scenes (six solos, one duo). Cover model Sicilian K strips to his Calvins, displaying a smooth muscular bod to die for, but he seems more interested in watching TV while wanking than in relating to the camera. Luckily, supercute Adrian seems fully committed as he struts into the kitchen in his ripped jeans and bright orange shirt. He doesn’t remain dressed for long, as he stretches and flexes seductively. Adrian’s sweet treasure trail will capture the attention of viewers, as the boyish model moves on to the bathroom and then the bedroom, where he humps the bed and spews a major load from his uncut meat. Nice work! For those with more manly taste, hairy-chested Brock overcomes his initial awkwardness to hit the shower and eventually produce a decent money shot. Other models don’t fare as well: Bland blond Anthony and gawky Tyson, who sports hoop earrings and shaved pubes, both fail to produce any real heat. But enough about the solos—the last scene has J.C. receiving oral service from Matt Ryder, who is supposedly there for an audition but can’t resist a quick suck. This sequence is a nice change of pace but tends to drag on as the guys attempt to cum. The oral pop shot might be worth the wait for some. Good production values and camera work capture the amateur feel with style and class, but the annoying and tacky ads between each scene plugging the Next Door Male Web site remedy that. (Next Door Male)

Reprinted from
GAYVN magazine (2008)

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