July 7, 2008

News Update: David Forest Enters Rehab

It was just last week that veteran talent agent David Forest announced his retirement and the sale of his companies to Florida-based FabScout Entertainment. Now, via e-mail, the 59-year-old manager has revealed that he is entering rehab for a drug problem that has plagued him for most of his long career. In the statement, Forest says: “Everyone makes changes in life based on one’s needs. I decided that I needed to move beyond the XXX business. My business has been acquired by Howard Andrew/FabScout. I also decided that I needed to drop the drug habit that I’ve had for 35 years.” Forest, who has represented some of the biggest names in the porn industry for the past three decades, goes on to say that he is entering a four-month rehabilitation program at a facility outside of Los Angeles. He will return in early November and consider his options, both in and out of the porn industry. On a personal note, we wish Forest the best and know that, like cockroaches and Cher, he will survive and return, most likely wearing one of his trademark Hawaiian shirts.

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Anonymous said...

It's about time that old man retires..lol