July 1, 2008

Movie Review: Cruising Budapest III


Director: Michael Lucas.
Cast: Lucio Maverick, Buck Monroe, Tim Kruger, Flavio Valentino, Julian Veneziano, Ludovic Canot, Steve Hunt, Chris Hacker, Michael Lucas.

Director Michael Lucas returns to Hungary for the third installment in his new international Cruising Budapest line. This time, he is staying at a horny guesthouse where the guys just walk into a room and start groping each other. Tim Kruger and Flavio Valentino pass on the staircase and end up trading blowjobs without a word. These guys are perfect examples of the models that have made Lucas his fortune. They have cute faces, natural bodies and serviceable dicks. They also know how to have good sex. These two work up a sweat and end up fucking right there on the stairs. Similarly, Julian Veneziano is in the kitchen when Ludovic Canot enters, and before you know it, the studs are plunking their cocks on the counter. And because it is the kitchen, Canot ends up eating Veneziano’s load.

Headliner Lucio Maverick (top) shares his first scene with Buck Monroe. The guys are in the computer room checking e-mails when the urge hits them. Maverick tops Monroe and gives him a creamy facial. Lucas and Ben Andrews (in a brief nonsexual cameo) cruise two chess players (Steve Hunt and Chris Hacker) who only have eyes for each other. But its the final scene, the highly publicized bottoming debut of Maverick, that will set tongues wagging. He and Lucas obviously share a deep attraction, and their mutual chemistry really ignites this scene. They kiss, spit, suck, and then Maverick takes it like a pro as Lucas performs his patented “helicopter” move to great effect. By the time they share jizz (and Lucas takes a taste for the first time on-screen), viewers will be ready to do the same. Lucas certainly seems turned on as he pops for a second time.

Good lighting (sometimes too good as some of the butthole shots look like clinical exams) and videography complete the fine picture. DVD extras include Lucas’s trademark interviews with the stars (some with translators) and a boring look behind the scenes. (Lucas Entertainment)

Reprinted from
GAYVN magazine (2008)

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