July 21, 2008

News: Collin O’Neal to Retire From Performing

Porn star and director Collin O’Neal has announced that he will no longer appear in his films. The hot and hairy model, who founded his own World of Men and Collin O’Neal Productions, will continue to produce, direct and work behind the scenes of the gay porn industry.

“I just think now is the time to focus on working behind the camera,” O’Neal says, “since I feel I created a porn aficionado base that is not focused on me being in front of the camera but rather the hot new guys I find to perform for me from all around the world. Over the past year I have invested a great deal of time managing my business and learning to work the video camera and less time at the gym. I just do not feel so good about my body—in addition to meeting a special person that is not comfortable with me performing—so I made the decision to retire.”

O’Neal started in porn in 2003 as an exclusive for Hot House Entertainment before moving on to work for Falcon Studios, Channel 1 Releasing/Rascal Video, Raging Stallion, Titan Media and others. In 2005, he founded Collin O’Neal Productions in Miami and joined forces with Chris Ward and Raging Stallion Studios for a distribution deal. O’Neal conceived the idea for World of Men and traveled the world to shoot films in such far-flung locations as London, Spain and Serbia. His Lebanon film won a GAYVN Award for Best Pro-Am Release earlier this year.

“I may change my mind in the future,” O’Neal adds, “but if I decide to perform again the scene will only be featured on my Web site. I feel more like a businessman now and less like a porn star with an ego like others in the industry that keep performing in their own movies.”

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Anonymous said...

i wouldn't mind one scene once in a while on his dvd's, he WAs a hot performer